• What Registration Options Are Available For First Time User ?

Ans – First Time User Has To Register  To Use The App, User Can Register

Using their Google Or Facebook Account Or They Can Register By Option

Available On App“Create An Account” .


  • What Is Guest Login And Why Is It Showing “Syncing Data “ When Clicked ?

Ans – Guest Login Allows You To View Only Content Of The App But To View Full Details Of Any Section, You Need To Register. Its Showing “Syncing Data” Because App Is Collecting Data From Remote Server.


  • What Is Refer A Friend ?

Ans – By Refer A Friend You Can Share The Download Link Of The App To Any Of Your Friend (By Whatsapp,Facebook,Email,Message Etc.)


  • When I Try To “sign in to mariners” It Says “Social Account” ?

Ans – This is because you already login with google or facebook , kindly use google/facebook login .


  • What Is To Be Done When We Do Not Receive Otp On My Mobile Number Or Email Account ?

Ans – Make Sure You Enter Correct Mobile Number Or Email Id , For Email Id Otp is Generally Received Within 1 Minute But For Sms On Mobile Number Sometime It Takes Upto 2 Minutes. Even After That If You Do Not Receive Otp, Contact Us On [email protected] We Will Reset Your Password.


  • Why App Showing “Syncing Data” After I Login ?

Ans – Because Most Of The Section Of This App Is Designed To Work Offline , Syncing Data Means Its Collecting Data From Remote Server And Saving It On Your Mobile Phone For Offline Use.


  • What Is The “Syncing Data” And How Often Is Required To “Syncing Data” ?

Ans – “Syncing Data” Is Very Important As The App Is Designed To Work Offline Also, So You Need To Sync It Frequently (Suggested Every 2-3 Days) To Keep All Data On The App Updated. You Can Complete Syncing Data From Side Menu.


  • How We Can Download Latest Navwarning And What Area Navwarnings Are Available?

Ans – You Can Visit “Important Website Links And Mobile Apps”  Website Link To All Navarea Are Given there User Can Download Navarea Warning Of Respected Navarea From There .



  • What Are The Sections Of The App And Their Uses ?
  1. NRI Time calculator – user can calculate there NRI Time , save it for offline use also , even user can find out how many days required to complete NRI Time and when user has to leave country to complete the same .
  2. Seatime Calculator – you can calculate total seatime done in one contract / all contract / total seatime in any rank / total number of contract /total seatime in all ranks
  • Document Manager – You can upload all your docs and view while offline , even you can share with other users
  1. Maritime Colleges – You Can See Full Detail Of College Including ( College Name , Indos Id , Address , Phone Number , Fax Number , Email Id , Website Link ,Courses Conducted By College , Online Course Booking Link  Etc)
  2. Maritime Courses – You Can See List Of All Courses ,Duration Of Courses, Colleges In Which Those Courses Are Available
  3. Shipping Companies – You Can See Full Detail Of Shipping Companies Including ( Company Name , Address , Phone Number , Fax Number , Email Id , Website Link  , Fleet List Etc)
  • Rpsl Manning Agencies – You Can See Full Detail Of Rpsl Manning Agency Including ( Company Name , Address , Phone Number , Fax Number , Email Id , Website Link , Fleet List,Rpsl Number Etc)
  • Forum – You Can Make New Post ,Comment ,Like Etc On Various Topics Including Exams , Shipping Companies , Maritime Colleges ,Residence Places , Investments , Dg Approved Doctors ,Mmd ,Maritime Books
  1. Important Circulars – You Can View And Download Important Circulars Related To Maritime Field
  2. Maritime Book Store – You Can See Details Of Book Stores Including (Book Store Name , Address ,Phone ,Email Etc)
  3. Dg Approved Medical Doctor – You Can See Full Detail Of All Dg Approved Doctors In India Including (Doctor Name , Dgs Approval Number , Address , Phone , Email Etc)
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre – You Can See Full Detail Of All Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre In India Including (Centre Name ,Address ,Phone , Email Id , Working Days/Hours ,Fax Number Etc)
  • List Of Publication (Available In Indian Market ) – You Can See Full Detail Of All Publications Including (Publication Name , Author , Price, Edition)
  • Mui/Nusi Contact Detail – You Can See Full Detail Of Mui/Nusi Offices In India Including (Office Address , Phone ,Email Id , Fax Number , Contact Person Etc)
  1. Passport Offices – You Can See Full Detail Of All Passport Offices In India Including (Office Name ,Address , Phone ,Email Id , Helpline Number , Website Etc )
  • Marine Club And Other Residence Places – You Can See Detail Of Marine Club In India Including (Marine Club Name , Address ,Phone ,Email Etc)
  • Maritime Uniform Store – You Can See Detail Maritime Uniform Stores Including (Store Name , Address ,Phone ,Email Etc)
  • Important Website Links & Mobile Apps – Here You Can See List Of All Important Websites With Their Link And You Can Also See List Of Important Android And Ios Apps Useful For Shipping Industry.
  • Mercantile Marine Departmant – You Can See Detail Of Mmd Including (Mmd Name , Address ,Phone , Fax Number,Email Etc)


  • Which All  Sections Will Work Online And Which Will Work Offline And Which  Will Work Both Online And Offline ?

Ans – Sections Work Offline – NRI Time calculator , Seatime Calculator , Document Manager , Maritime Colleges , Maritime courses , Shipping Companies , Rpsl Manning Agencies, Maritime Book Store, Dg Approved Medical Doctors, Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, List Of Publication (Available In Indian Market ) , Mui/Nusi Contact Detail , Passport Offices , Marine Club And Other Residence Places ,Maritime Uniform Stores, Important Website Links And Mobile Apps , Mercantile Marine Department, About Us ,Terms And Condition , Help


Section Work Online –Update Profile , Add To Favourite, Like/comment  ,Feedback ,Contact Us ,Rate Us , Notification ,Sync Now , Switch Off Email ,Update NRI time calculator , update file in document manager ,Update SEATIME calculator , forum


Section Work Online And Offline – Forum (In Offline Mode You Can Only See 20 Posts In Each Topic After Last Synchronization), Important Circular (In Offline Mode You Can See List Of Circulars But You Can Open Only That Circular Which You Have Downloaded While You Are Online) , Favourites (In Offline Mode You Cannot Delete Saved Favourites), Your Post (You Can Only Post  After Last Synchronization ,But You Cannot Edit/Delete It) , Your Comment (You Can Only Post  After Last Synchronization ,But You Cannot Edit/Delete It) ,Document Manager (In Offline Mode You Cannot Upload Or Share Files , But You Can View Files You Have Downloaded While Online After Synchronization).


  • How can I Change My Password?

Ans – You Can Change Your Password From settings  Page.


  • What Is The Use Of Document Manager?

Ans – You Can Upload All Your Important Documents (For Example Cdc, Passport, Course Certificates Etc).

Following Options Are Available:-

Upload – You Can Upload Your Documents.

Share – You Can Share Your Documents.

View – You Can See The Total Number Of Documents uploaded , Total Size Of Uploaded File And You Can Also Delete Any Uploaded File.


  • What Is Notification ?

Ans – Notification Will Show You any new message send by us .


  • What Is Switch Off Email?

Ans – This Is if  you want to receive notification on your email id or not.


  • Is This App Free Of Cost Or I Have To Pay Some Amount To Use It?

Ans – This App Is Absolutely Free Of Cost Available In Both Android And Ios App Store.


  • If There Is Few Datas which Are Missing Or Incorrect In The App, How Can I Add/Edit It?

Ans –First Of All Use “Syncing Data” Option To Get Latest Data From Server Even If After That  You Find Few Datas are Missing Or Incorrect, Please Send Us Details On [email protected] (Note – User Cannot Add/Edit Any Data)


  • How Can I Cantact You?

Ans –You Can Contact Us By [email protected] Or By Whatsapp – +917978839679 Or You Can Even Contact Us By Filling Contact Us Option On App Or Website (Https://www.Marinersapp.Com) Or Contact us option present on App .


  • Why My Post Has Been Removed From Forum?

Ans – If Any Of Your Contents Will Violate Terms And Conditions Of Marinersapp, Then Those Contents Will Be Removed And User May Be Informed By Email But If User Keeps on Violating Terms And Conditions of The App, User’s Account Will Be Blocked Permanently.


  • What Should I Do, If My Account Has Been Blocked Or I Am Not Able To Login?

Ans – Send Your Email Id, Name And Contact Number To Us On [email protected], We Will Rectify The Problem.


  • Do You Have Any Website?

Ans – Yes, We Do Have Our Website Https://www.Marinersapp.Com (This Is For Information Purpose Only).


  • How Can I Give Advertisements On Your Mobile App?

Ans – Please Contact Us On [email protected]


  • On Which All Platforms, Your Mobile App Is Available?

Ans – This App Is Available On Android And Ios/Ipad/Ipod Butit Is Not Available On Windows Software Version.


  • How Can I Delete My Account?

Ans – Contact Us On [email protected] (Mail Us Your Details – Name, Email Id, Mobile Number).


  • How can I edit my post/comment in forum ?

Ans – To  view/edit you post/comments go to “Side menu à my post / my comment” .


  • In “NRI TIME CALCULATOR “ Required days are calculated on what basis ?

Ans – Required days are calculated on basis of CDC Date .


  • Why I cannot able to open circular while offline ?

Ans – You can only open that circular offline which you have downloaded while you are online .


  • Why google map not searching address I have clicked .

Ans – it is possible that google map will not search correct address as all address are not present on google .


  • Some details are wrong in app , what to do ?

Ans – You Can Contact Us By [email protected] Or By Whatsapp – +917978839679 Or You Can Even Contact Us By Filling Contact Us Option On App Or Website (Https://www.Marinersapp.Com) Or Contact us option present on App .